About Us

Zirve Plastik has been founded in 1990 and it continues its activities with over 30 years of professional experience and investments that perform current necessaries.As a company which aim the quality, serves all kinds of plastic injection mold design and production in addition to this it also serves production of various machine components.By cabaple of machinery park, it also able to do fragile wire erosion and sinking erosion with its specialist staff.

Our developing company by keeping balance between time and quality, is a leading company in its sector.It is also among the leading companies that can be make fast ve reliable mold designs with ready mold components in our country.It gives these services by its office which has been founded in 1995 to sale auxiliary materials used in molding to meet requirements the sector.We have ejection pims, blanking puch,die springs,injection nozzles,die sets, chemicals used in mold making and metal processing in our sales Office.Beside these we also have all kinds of  materials that  needed in the mold industry moreover
We offer non standard special production auxiliary materials to our customers within the prescribed time.In this way,Zirve Market which open the first mold market in Ankara, continous to contribute to be shortened  mold manufacturing  period.